Organic Millefiori Honey

Organic Millefiori Honey by Le Querce, an organic honey with a unique and versatile taste, perfect for sweetening and enriching your recipes.

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Le Querce Organic Millefiori Honey is an organic honey produced by Le Querce company in Italy.

It is a organic honey obtained from a variety of wildflowers that bloom in different areas of Italy, from April to August.

Le Querce Organic Millefiori Honey has a light amber color and a liquid consistency. The taste is sweet and delicate, with floral notes that can vary from fruity to spicy and vary depending on the flowering present in the production area. Organic millefiori honey does not come from a single type of flower, but from the combination of nectar from different floral species present in a specific area. Its flavor, color and consistency vary depending on the prevailing blooms at the time of harvest.

The color of this organic millefiori honey is therefore darker than the traditional Acacia one and from the rather sweet, more intense and robust flavor than this, the millefiori hardens until it becomes almost white. Le Querce Organic Millefiori Honey crystallizes slowly after harvest.

Organic millefiori honey is also synonymous with properties and benefits:

  • Nutrients: Rich in simple sugars, vitamins (B, C, E), minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium), enzymes and antioxidants.
  • Energetic: Natural source of easily assimilated energy, useful for sportsmen, children, convalescents and the elderly.
  • Digestive: Promotes digestion and intestinal regularity.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Helps to fight colds, coughs and sore throats.
  • Restorative: Strengthens the immune system and helps to recover energy.
  • Antiallergic: Taken regularly, it can help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Le Querce Organic Millefiori Honey is a versatile product that can be used for:

  • Natural sweetener: Ideal for sweetening drinks, yogurt, cereals and fruit.
  • Ingredient in cooking: Can be used to prepare desserts, bread, focaccia and sauces. It pairs perfectly with butter.

A high quality organic honey, with a unique and versatile taste. Le Querce Organic Millefiori Honey:

  • Produced in Italy
  • Organic
  • Harvest: from April to August
  • Glass jar: 200g
  • Color: light amber
  • Consistency: liquid
  • Flavor: sweet and delicate
  • Floral notes: variable
  • Uses: sweeten, enrich, spread
  • Crystallization: slow

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12 Items

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