Devoro: A unique Italian experience.

Discover the essence of Italy with Devoro boxes. Our selection of handcrafted products made in Italy, enclosed in elegant boxes, bring authentic flavors, colors and scents directly to your home, wherever you are in the world.

  • Why choose Devoro?

  • Italian Excellence: We select only the best Italian artisan products.

Tradition and Passion: Made with care according to ancient recipes.

Variety: Wide range of gourmet boxes for every taste.

Elegance: Refined packaging, perfect for every occasion.

Convenience: Quick delivery throughout Italy and Europe

Join our community and experience true Italian taste with Devoro.

Devoro: that's amore!

Quality made to measure

The selection of products is by Michelin-starred Chef Luigi Salomone a devotee of Italian flavor, so Devoro perfectly embodies the marriage of flavor research and culinary creativity.

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