Together, we can bring the best Italian food and wine products into the homes of enthusiasts around the world.

Devoro was born with the goal of accelerating the spread and growth of artisanal and niche Made in Italy food, both in Italy and abroad. We firmly believe in the immense value of these small production realities that guard unique flavors and traditions.

Therefore, we are creating a digital ecosystem that puts our partners in direct contact with attentive and passionate consumers. Becoming an online community where they can discover and buy fresh, high-quality products directly from food artisans, a young and innovative alternative of true taste to large-scale distribution.

Being a partner of Devoro means:

  • Benefit from the commercial boost that our channels guarantee to your brand.
  • Leverage our communication channels to promote your products in Italy and abroad
  • Participate with us in major industry and non-industry events to bring you closer and closer to consumers

Our products are carefully selected by our team with the aim of always ensuring the highest quality and maximum pleasure for our customers. Devoro aims to accompany

Becoming a Devoro partner means:

  • Gain access to a global audience of Italian food enthusiasts
  • Become known to a new group of customers
  • Contribute to the spread of Made in Italy around the world

What are you waiting for? Join our network and enrich our catalog of the best products just a click away!

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