Eggplant Sliced Rustic

Eggplant sliced rustic by I Contadini is a typical product from Southern Italy made with open-field grown eggplant and seasoned with Mediterranean spices and extra virgin olive oil.

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Rustic Sliced Eggplant by I Contadini: A Taste of Southern Italy in Every Bite.

Experience the authentic flavors of Southern Italy with Rustic Sliced Eggplant by I Contadini, a ready-to-use product made with hand-picked eggplants sun-ripened in the Puglia region and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Immerse yourself in tradition as you savor the taste of time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Our eggplants are meticulously prepared, following ancient techniques like "Alla carcu," where they are salted to enhance their flavor and texture.

Indulge in versatility as you enjoy our Rustic Sliced Eggplant in a variety of ways:

•    Appetizer: Elevate your antipasto spread with Rustic Sliced Eggplant, served alone or paired with fresh bread or grissini.
•    Pasta Topping: Elevate your pasta dishes with the rich, savory flavor of our eggplants.
•    Main Course: Create a hearty main course by pan-frying, roasting, or grilling our eggplants.
•    Side Dish: Complement your main dishes with our Rustic Sliced Eggplant, adding a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Embrace wholesomeness with our Rustic Sliced Eggplant, a low-calorie food packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Product Features:

•    100% Italian product
•    Hand-picked eggplants from Puglia
•    Preserved in extra virgin olive oil
•    Seasoned with Mediterranean spices and fresh mint
•    No artificial preservatives
•    Gluten-free


•    Eggplants
•    Extra virgin olive oil
•    Mediterranean spices
•    Fresh mint
•    Salt


•    Refrigerate after opening for up to 5 days.
•    Rinse under running water to remove excess oil before use.
•    Freeze for up to 3 months.

Weight: 230 gr

Unleash the culinary magic of Southern Italy with I Contadini Rustic Sliced Eggplant. Order yours today and experience the authentic taste of tradition!

6 Items

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