Liqueur lemon aperitivo della costiera

Liqueur lemon-based Posides Aperitivo della Costiera with an elegant bitter finish. It is particularly suitable for blending.

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Posides Aperitivo della Costiera is a lemon-based cordial liqueur with an elegant bitter finish.

The citrus aroma and olfactory notes are released from hand-peeled lemon peels, and the acidity of the liquid is muted and balanced by honey, as well as the herbaceous side, first and foremost sage and peppermint. Elegant finish with a slight bitter note. The liqueur is particularly suitable for blending.

The idea for Posides stems from the founders' desire to offer two products, a gin and an aperitif with strong inspiration from their homeland. The Amalfi Coast and its flagship Positano offer smells, flavors, colors and traditions that give life to products that encapsulate Mediterranean tastes and scents and give a sensory experience between lemons and sea freshness.
Innovation in the world of spirits is a commitment made by the founders, who never forget the respect and millennial roots of Positano. And it is in this context that the aperitif of the coast is positioned, an innovative blending liqueur compared to the classic flavors of the industry.

The liqueur is deep citrine yellow in color while the nose has a scent with hints of citrus and herbs. The flavor is a balanced mix of distinctive flavors including lemon, sage, mint with an elegant bitter finish.
The artisanal production of posides lemon liqueur starts from the same production process used to make limoncello. The ingredients that make up Aperitivo della Costiera are macerated and distilled and finally mixed with cold water. The resulting liquid is then purified, filtered and finally combined with sugar.

  • Alcoholic Grade 15% Vol
  • Size 70CL

Suggested Usage: Coastal Aperitif Liqueur is ideal for making the famous posides spritz, an innovative and alternative version of the classic Italian spritz popular mainly in the Amalfi Coast area. To prepare it, use a 60 ml of lemon liqueur, 90 ml of prosecco and 30 ml of soda water. Pour it into a wine glass with ice and mix it to allow the ingredients to blend best.

Enjoy the innovative flavor of the Coastal aperitif liqueur and get it directly to your home with Devoro.

198 Items

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