Cremino Assorted Milk Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Pistachio

Cremino Assorted ColorArt by Baratti & Milano is a pop art-style gift box of assorted chocolates perfect for any occasion.

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Baratti & Milano ColorArt Cremini Assortment, a pop art gift box that encloses the masterpieces of Italian chocolate.

The cremino is a special kind of chocolate, made from different types of chocolate that blend together to create a unique taste. The cremino was invented in the second half of the 19th century by Ferdinando Baratti in the city of Turin. This product is a masterpiece of italian pastisserie.

The cremino is not just a simple sweet, but a true masterpiece of taste and tradition. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of three different layers of chocolate. This box is an assortment of italian cremino in the most delicious combinations:

  • Classic Cremino: the original taste with gianduia chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Dark Cremino: a heart of 70% dark chocolate wrapped in soft gianduia.
  • Milk Cremino: a layer of finest milk cream between two layers of milk chocolate.
  • Pistachio Cremino: the exotic taste of pistachio meets hazelnut and gianduia chocolate.
  • Ruby Cremino: the fruity-tasting pink chocolate.

Baratti & Milano Cremino is famous for its unique characteristics:

  • Irresistible: this product is the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts in a creamy and velvety praline.
  • Extraordinary: a handcrafted product made with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Traditional: an original recipe that has been handed down for generations.

In addition, this cremino are suitable for everyone as they are gluten-free and alcohol-free. Store the product in a cool, dry place at the optimum temperature of 16-18°C.

The ColorArt Cremini Assortment is the perfect gift for:

  • Lovers of sweet taste.
  • People who appreciate handcrafted products.
  • Anyone who wants a moment of sweetness and joy.

Discover this selection of cremino made by Baratti & Milano on Devoro.

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