Discovering anchovies: a tasteful plunge into the Mediterranean Sea

Welcome to our selection of best anchovy products, true gems of the Mediterranean Sea, guardians of authentic taste and Italian tradition. In our e-commerce you will find only high quality Italian anchovies, carefully selected to guarantee you a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

With our anchovies, your cooking will have an unmistakable touch of quality and authenticity. Let yourself be conquered by the true taste of the sea and discover the difference that Italian quality makes!

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  • Anchovy Fillets Canned


    Armatore Cetara Anchovy Fillets: A product of the highest quality, with a unique flavor and handcrafted workmanship.

  • Anchovy Sauce Reserve 2018


    Armatore Cetara's Colatura di Alici Riserva 2018 is a unique and prized product with an intense and umami flavor, perfect for enhancing your dishes.

  • Anchovies Sauce Reserve


    Armatore Cetara's Colatura di Alici Riserva is a unique and exquisite product with an intense and persistent flavor, the result of a centuries-old tradition.

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Why choose Devoro selection anchovy products?

Guaranteed freshness: Our anchovies are sourced from fresh, sustainable catches, carefully processed to preserve their freshness and authentic flavor intact.
High quality: We select only the best anchovies, from fishing areas renowned for their excellence.
Variety for all tastes: We offer a wide range of anchovies, in different sizes and processes, to satisfy every palate and every culinary need.
Inimitable taste: Our anchovies are a concentrate of pure taste, with a flavor that is both intense and delicate at the same time, which will win over even the most demanding palates.
Ideal for a thousand recipes: Anchovies are a versatile ingredient perfect for making tasty appetizers, flavorful first courses, refined main courses, and even savory sauces.

Not just anchovies: In addition to anchovies, our ecommerce offers a wide selection of high quality food products made in Italy. Discover our artisanal pasta, ready-made sauces, extra virgin olive oil, and many other genuine and tasty products to bring true Italian excellence to the table. Shop online safely and receive your products in the comfort of your own home.

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