Dark Delight Hazelnut Spread Vegan

Dark Delight Hazelnut Spread, a vegan and gluten-free spread with only two ingredients: Giffoni hazelnuts and dark cocoa. Perfect for a healthy breakfast.

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Dark Delight is a hazelnut and dark cocoa spread produced by Caporaso using only two ingredients: 75% Giffoni hazelnuts and 25% dark cocoa, with no added sugar.

Dark Delight spread is a thick and creamy product with a dark brown color and an intense and aromatic taste. Its flavor is characterized by the balance between the sweetness of the hazelnuts and the bitterness of the dark cocoa. Its texture is velvety and smooth, making it ideal for everyday use.

Dark Delight spread is a tasty and perfect product for the vegan diet. It can be a healthy and nutritious food if consumed in moderation. In fact, its nutrients can provide several benefits to the body, including:

  • Energy: Hazelnuts and dark cocoa are sources of energy, thanks to their content of sugars and fats.
  • Heart health: Dark cocoa contains antioxidants that can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Intestinal function: The fiber contained in hazelnuts can help regulate intestinal function.
  • Mood: Dark cocoa contains substances that can improve mood and reduce stress.

Dark Delight spread can be used in various ways:

  • Spread on bread: Hazelnut and dark cocoa spread is an excellent alternative to jam or honey.
  • Filling for desserts: Hazelnut and dark cocoa spread can be used to fill pies, cakes, biscuits, and muffins.
  • Dessert ingredient: Hazelnut and dark cocoa spread can be used to prepare mousses, puddings, and creams.
  • Snack: Hazelnut and dark cocoa spread can be enjoyed as a snack, accompanied by fresh or dried fruit.

The purity of its ingredients and its low sugar content make it the perfect vegan spread for:

  • A vegan diet
  • Those looking for a spreadable hazelnut cream for a low-calorie diet
  • A tasty yet healthy breakfast

Dark Delight is a product that is:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • No added sugar
  • Rich in Giffoni hazelnuts
  • With dark cocoa

Once opened, it is recommended to store the jar in a cool place away from heat sources.

Dark Delight:

  • Made in Italy
  • Ingredients: Giffoni Hazelnuts 75%, Dark Cocoa 25%
  • Preservative-free
  • Artificial coloring free
  • Palm oil free
  • Nutritional values: Calories 607 kcal, Fat 56 g, Carbohydrates 17.6 g, Sugars 3.2 g, Fiber 7 g, Protein 13.8 g, Salt 1 g
  • 250g jar

Caporaso's Dark Delight spread is a guilt-free pleasure. Discover it on Devoro.

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