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Olive oil, A unique sensory experience based on genuine products of the highest quality.

Olive oil is a fundamental element of the Italian culinary tradition, a true elixir of taste and well-being that embellishes every dish. We have selected for you only the best Italian extra virgin olive oils, the result of careful processing and a passion for the land that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Browse through our catalog and discover the world of Italian olive oil. Be guided by our recommendations and our selection of fine products to find the perfect oil for your needs.

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  • Oil EVO Coratina Numbers...


    Frisino's Coratina EVO Oil Numbers Collection N°2 is an extra virgin olive oil from Puglia with a strong character and an intense flavor, perfect for enhancing traditional Italian dishes.

  • Oil EVO Limited Edition...


    Frisino EVO Limited Edition White N°1, 250ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a medium fruity taste and floral aroma, perfect for enhancing your dishes.

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  • Oil Olive Peranzana Luxury Edition Rosè
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    Oil Olive Peranzana Luxury...


     Peranzana Luxury Edition Rosé Olive Oil by Frisino is a refined extra virgin olive oil with an elegant bottle inspired by Japanese culture.


Each oil tells the story of its territory, its climate and the passion of the producers who take care of every stage, from olive harvesting to pressing.

Each bottle of olive oil you choose is a journey to discover the authentic flavors and unmistakable aromas of Italy. Whether you are a connoisseur or a simple enthusiast, our catalog offers a wide variety of products to meet your every need. We select only the best DOP and IGP olive oils, expressions of the different Italian cultivars and obtained through sustainable cultivation and production methods.

Whether you want to use it to dress your salads raw, to enhance the taste of pasta or to prepare delicious recipes, our olive oil will be the perfect ingredient to add a touch of quality and flavor to your dishes. Italian olive oil is a perfect gift idea to surprise your loved ones with a top quality product that encapsulates the taste and tradition of our country. Don't miss the opportunity for a unique sensory experience, add Italian olive oils to your Devoro box and receive them directly to your home.