Focaccina Classic Artisan "Bo" Vegan

Focaccina Classic Artisan "Bo" Vegan with rice oil and no lard, a genuine and tasty product that is easy to digest.

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Indulge in the irresistible taste of Focaccina Classica Bo, a traditional Ligurian oven-baked product renowned for its soft and crumbly texture.

This delectable focaccia strip, crafted by the renowned Grissinificio "Bo" in Piedmont, embodies the essence of artisanal Italian cuisine.

A Symphony of Simple, High-Quality Ingredients

Focaccina Bo is meticulously prepared using a blend of wholesome, premium ingredients:

  • Type "0" Soft Wheat Flour: The foundation of our focaccia's delicate structure
  • Water: Essential for hydration and dough development
  • Sourdough Starter: Imparts a unique tang and enhances flavor
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Richens the flavor and promotes a moist crumb
  • Salt: Balances and elevates the overall taste

A Commitment to Wholesome Goodness

Free from preservatives, Focaccina Classica Bo is a testament to our dedication to genuine, delectable products that are easy to digest. Whether enjoyed as a standalone snack or paired with cured meats and cheeses, this focaccia is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Baked to Perfection in a Wood-Fired Oven

The magic of wood-fired baking bestows upon our focaccina an unparalleled depth of flavor and an irresistible aroma. Each bite transports you to the heart of Ligurian culinary heritage.

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Beyond its captivating taste, Focaccina Bo is a nutritional powerhouse:

  • Fiber Rich: Promotes digestive health and regularity
  • Vitamin and Mineral Abundant: Provides essential B vitamins, potassium, and phosphorus
  • Energetic Source: Carbohydrates fuel your body for active pursuits
  • Preservative Free: No artificial additives or preservatives

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Focaccina Classica Bo is a versatile canvas for culinary creativity:

  • Snack or Appetizer: Pair with a glass of wine or a refreshing beer for an indulgent treat
  • Light Second Course: Complement grilled vegetables or a fresh salad for a satisfying meal
  • Sandwich Base: Craft mouthwatering sandwiches filled with your favorite meats, cheeses, vegetables, or fish
  • Pasta Accompaniment: Elevate pasta dishes with tomato or vegetable-based sauces
Preservation and Serving Tips
  • Storage: Maintain freshness for 2-3 days in a paper bag or airtight container after opening.
  • Reheating: For optimal texture, warm the focaccina in the oven for a few minutes before serving.
  • Customization: Enhance the flavor and texture with your favorite toppings, such as cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, or olives.

Embrace the Vegan Tradition

Focaccina Bo proudly bears the vegan label, aligning with our commitment to inclusive and wholesome food choices.

Focaccina Bo, A Culinary Gem:

  • Piedmontese Heritage: Produced by the esteemed Grissinificio "Bo"
  • Handcrafted Goodness: Each focaccina is meticulously shaped by hand
  • Rice Oil: A healthier alternative to traditional lard
  • Preservative Free: No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Authentic Taste: A true representation of Ligurian culinary tradition
  • Digestible Delight: Easy on the stomach for a comfortable dining experience
  • 200g Size: Perfect for individual enjoyment or sharing

Focaccina Classica Bo is an ode to Italian culinary heritage, offering a versatile and delectable treat for every occasion.

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