Criollo Experience: Dark Chocolate Blend and Domorum

Criollo Experience gift box: savor four dark chocolate bars from 70% to 100% and discover Domoroum liqueur with cocoa grappa.

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Criollo Experience Domori is a gift box designed for lovers of dark chocolate and Criollo cacao, the rarest and most prized variety in the world.

Inside the box set are:

  • 4 bars of Criollo Blend dark chocolate: 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%.
  • A bottle of Domoroum: a liqueur made from the infusion of Criollo cocoa beans in 5-year-old brandy.

Criollo Experience made by Domori is a tasting path that allows you to savor Criollo cocoa in all its facets, from the most delicate to the most intense taste.

Domori Criollo Blend dark chocolate is made with the finest Criollo cocoa beans from different parts of the world. Criollo is renowned for being a fragile cacao and accounts for only 0.01% of the cacao produced in the world. Criollo comes from a plant that is very fragile and susceptible to pest attack because it has never been hybridized and is therefore less resistant to mutations in our terrestrial ecosystem. This makes it rare and sought after given the small quantity available. It is a chocolate with a complex and aromatic taste, with notes of dried fruits, spices and citrus.

At the same time, Domoroum is a unique and refined liqueur with a smooth and enveloping taste, with notes of cocoa, vanilla and caramel.

Criollo Experience is a perfect gift for chocolate lovers and those who want to have a unique sensory experience discovering the finest cocoa.

Criollo Experience:

  • Produced by Domori
  • Contents: 4 bars of Criollo Blend dark chocolate (70%, 80%, 90%, 100%) and 1 bottle of Domoroum
  • Ideal for: tastings, gifts
  • A unique sensory experience

Discover the Domori Criollo experience box set and receive it directly to your home with Devoro.

30 Items

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