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Chocolate Criollo Dark 100 Percent Bar

Domori's 100% Criollo Chocolate Bar, a sugar-free dark chocolate made with the finest and rarest cocoa.

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The Domori 100% Criollo Tablet is a pure and refined dark chocolate made with Criollo cocoa, a rare and precious variety that represents only 0.01% of the cocoa produced in the world.

The Domori 100% Criollo chocolate bar has a deep brown color and an elegant cocoa aroma. On the palate, it is creamy, round and sweet, with delicate notes of dried fruit and a slight bitterness. It is a chocolate without added sugars, which expresses all the aroma and complexity of Criollo cocoa.

This chocolate bar is made with the finest Criollo cocoa beans from different parts of the world. Criollo is renowned for being a fragile cocoa and represents only 0.01% of the cocoa produced in the world. Criollo comes from a very fragile plant that is sensitive to pest attacks, because it has never been hybridized and is therefore less resistant to mutations in our terrestrial ecosystem. This makes it rare and sought after due to the limited quantity available. It is a chocolate with a complex and aromatic taste, with notes of dried fruit, spices and citrus.

This chocolate bar can be enjoyed with Rum or Domorum acquavite chocolate liqueur.

The Domori 100% Criollo Chocolate Bar is perfect for:

  • Dark chocolate lovers
  • Those who want a unique tasting experience
  • Those looking for a chocolate without added sugars

A pure and refined chocolate, for an unforgettable taste experience.

Domori 100% Criollo Tablet:

  • Made in Venezuela
  • Ingredients: Criollo cocoa paste
  • May contain traces of milk, nuts and soy
  • Weight: 50g
  • Storage notes: The product must be stored in a cool, dry, odorless place at a temperature between 14° and 20°C.

Discover the Domori 100% Criollo chocolate bar and receive it directly at home with Devoro.

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