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Chocolate Bar Dark 90 Percent

Domori 90% Dark Chocolate Bar, an intense and aromatic dark chocolate, perfect for lovers of pure chocolate.

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Domori 90% Dark Chocolate Bar is a dark chocolate made by Domori using a blend of Trinitario cocoa beans.

The chocolate comes in a 75g bar and is characterized by an intense and aromatic flavor. On the palate, there is an explosive note of dried fruit and cocoa that, after a few seconds, gives way to more delicate notes of fresh fruit and flowers. The short and simple recipe, with the highest quality ingredients, makes this chocolate a true delight for dark chocolate lovers.

Thanks to the precious substances contained in cocoa, this bar offers a variety of benefits for our body and mind that make it perfect to be enjoyed. 90% dark chocolate promotes cardiovascular health, mental well-being, has an antioxidant action that reduces oxidative stress and also generates aphrodisiac effects on the human body. The recommended portion is 30 grams per day, perhaps not every day, to avoid taking in too many calories.

To best enjoy this bar, it is recommended to pair it with Rum, which is considered the best liqueur to accompany high-percentage dark chocolate. A valid alternative but with a more decisive flavor is Whiskey.

The Domori bar is gluten-free and it is recommended to store it in a dry place at a temperature between 14° and 20°C.

The Domori 90% Dark Chocolate Bar is perfect for:

  • A moment of pure taste
  • Pairing with a good red wine
  • Giving to someone who loves dark chocolate

Domori 90% Dark Chocolate Bar:

  • Made in Italy
  • Ingredients: 90% Trinitario cocoa, 10% cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin
  • Gluten-free
  • Weight: 75g
  • Recyclable flowpack

A unique and refined taste experience with this bar available on Devoro.

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